Who a di real hypocrite?

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nuffy.jpgNuffy do a diss song named Hypocrite calling out artiste Gully Bop and people like LA Lewis and Dr Love.

But this is the same Nuffy who did day him puddong mix-up and people bbusiness. So what a gwaan.

Anyway a this him hafi say fi himself:

"Mi did seh 2016 mi nuh inna nuh whole heap a mix up and nuh whole heap a excitement because mi mother, mi current woman and mi babymother dem look pan mi and seh forget about some things now because they saw that I was doing some things for fun, yet some people a tek it serious. So mi seh, 'Yuh kno wah, 2016 mi nah bother.' But a just the thing dem weh happen to mi, I was trying my best to hold it inside, but I had to do the song so that I can express myself and lose some of the anger that I had bottled up."

failed relationship

Nuffy, who was once in Gully Bop's corner, used the song to diss Bop and chat nuff tings bout Bop and Shauna Chin.