We see Fabian DNA test and it match up good-good wid him real fada own

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fabian-marley.jpgPeope, mi say, da one yah no normal! No! It is not normal at all! Bare mix up and blenda people.

Good girls and boys, lend me your ears. We get a peek pon di DNA results. Yes, wid see it wid we owna two eye and, people ... a we fi tell oonu.

Fabian DNA and that of his real father, Mr Othniel Stanford match up goood good. Yep. Dem do the DNA when Fabian did go a foreign inna December, cause Fabian father and some of him brother and sister live inna di US.

But some of oonu not surprised because a long time mout a say Fabian a fake Marley.

But a bet oonu neva know say dat Fabian real father half white just like Bob Marley. And Fabian have a younger brother who look just like him.Fabain and him real family dem favour. Dem favour bad.

Anyway, listen to this. The same lickle birdie that pinch we and show we di DNA results tell we say Fabian real good-up good-up family want him fi stop di Marley nonsense and get him act together.

People, it look like Fabian real family willing to come forward now and take a stand because things get way out of control. Di poor people dem neva expect things fi reach so far, so till Fabian want tek the Marley dem go a court. And we hear say Fabian mother is not amused at her son's behaviour.

By the way, on a even more serious note, a how Massive a go get back all a di whole heap a millions what him spend pon Fabian?

What a bam bam!