'We met your wife Kim on her back,' Wendy Williams reminds Kanye West

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wiz-wendu-kanye.jpgShe has been suspended before for taking aim at hip hop stars' sexuality but that did not stop her from going after one of the biggest rappers in the world... or his wife.

Wendy Williams jumped into Wiz Kahlifa and Amber Rose's corner in their battle against Kanye West on Thursday.

The controversial 51-year-old host initially seemed to be criticizing the rapper for his comments about Amber's stripper past and her not yet three-year-old son but quickly turned it into attack on the Yeezus star and his wife Kim Kardashian.

As part of her Hot Topics segment, the host brought up Kanye's comment that Wiz 'let a stripper trap' him but while defending Amber from so-called 's**t shaming', she did the same to Kim.

Wendy told her audience: 'The idea he's talking about Amber being a stripper, you're not saying about anything she hasn't admitted herself.

'As a matter of fact, Kanye, you're the one who gave this stripper her come-up. [As Amber and Kanye dated].

'And, by the way, we recall meeting your wife on her back.'

The talk show host was, of course, talking about Kim's sex tape with Ray J which was released in 2007 and put Kim in the pop cultural map.

But Wendy was not done there, inferring that Kanye is gay as Amber slammed in him in a rather crude comment referring to a sex act.

Amber wrote in Twitter during the epic social media battle: 'Are you mad I'm not around to play in ur a**hole?'

Wendy, who was previously suspended from her radio job for creating a list of rappers she thought were gay, said Kim should be embarrassed.

As her audience screamed and laughed, she said: 'I was telling you I was wasn't feeling so well this morning. I wasn't going to come to work but I realized this whole story had to be told as I'm the OG [original gangster] in this whole booty war.

'I'm not going to say anything about Kanye, what people do behind closed doors is their own business.

'[But] I'm embarrassed for Kim Kardashian. I'm not even going to call you West because clearly that is not a real marriage.

'Any time a man is fighting with another man and bringing up his ex, like why is Kanye still talking about Amber, what kind of respect, or lack there of, does he have about his new son, Saint, and his daughter?'

Despite saying she would not talk about it, Wendy continued to insinuate that Kim and Kanye's relationship was fraudulent and questioned his sexuality.

'I'm embarrassed for Kim but, Kim, I think you're more into the image of what it looks like to be married to what you think is a man than anything else. I'm embarrassed for you. This is shameful. That's number one.

'And, number two, oh, gosh, you know what I'm exhausted by? I'm exhausted because anybody who knows me from radio knows since 1990 I have been talking to you all about what goes on allegedly behind some men's [doors] and I have been suspended without pay, I've been left for dead on the turnpike, you all have thrown tomatoes at me.


'This is nothing but the same broken record that Wendy has been talking about since forever. No judgment, just saying.'

Wendy's comments come as Amber also responded to her ex-boyfriend Kanye's comments about her and her son, whom Kanye even said he 'owned'.

On Wednesday, the 32-year-old pre-recorded an interview with Allegedly podcast - a preview of which was obtained by TMZ - and said:'I would never talk about kids in an argument, it just shows what type of person he is.

'Even him saying things about my son I still didn't say anything about his kids, they are innocent babies, you don't talk about a baby, ever, ever. That just shows how f**king ridiculous he is.

'The crazy thing is he came out with a song last week saying I had my son for a meal ticket and I didn't even say anything, I was just like ''he's a corn ball and I'm not saying s**t.''

'Listen don't talk about my kid, that's all I got to say, don't talk about my baby. I wouldn't have said anything if it was just between him and Wiz, that's two grown men hashing it out.

'Hashing it out that's their business, I would have kept it cute and minded my own business but don't bring in my baby, that's so corny.'

Asked if she was surprised Kanye decided to take his fight with Wiz to such a personal level and spoke about her son - who turns three next month - Amber responded: 'No because I know him, I know he is a f**king clown, I know him.'

And she certainly does because, as Amber reminded Kanye, they dated from 2008 till 2010.

'He gets on the internet today and says ''a stripper trapped you Wiz'' but like you took me around the world, we dated for like two years but you're talking s**t about Wiz and my baby.'

As she did this her estranged husband Wiz made sure to name check Kanye when he stepped out on stage in Argentina.

Wiz kicked off his song Taylor Gang by saying: 'You just wanna write s**t up? You just wanna talk s**t on the internet, huh?'

Then in half way through the track, as captured in a video by fan Nahu Marin, the 28-year-old yells: 'F**k Kanye!'

The feud began when Kanye announced he changed the name of his upcoming album to Waves, which Wiz took umbrage to as he felt it disrespected the legacy of rapper Max B, who was the founder of the Wave sound. He is currently serving 75 years in prison for a deadly armed robbery.

Wave and Wavy in Max B's world means influential or cool leading many to believe Kanye lifted the name on purpose - including Wiz.

While Kanye let Wiz's thoughts on the title initially slide after the See You again rapper tweeted something with 'KK,' in it, Kanye thought he was talking about Kim Kardashian and unleashed - despite it actually being a reference to marijuana.


In true Kanye style, he came up with 17 reasons why Wiz needs to know his place, including insulting Amber; claiming to own their son Sebastian as well as accusing him of stealing his style from rapper and Kanye protege Kid Cudi.

Kanye did however, praise Wiz for his ability to rock skinny jeans whilst claiming to have blazed the fashion path for the slender rapper to do so.

Kanye's epic rant aimed at Wiz including strong words like: 'You let a stripper trap you.'

'I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years [making reference to his big hit Gold Digger].

'You wouldn't have a child if it wasn't for me. Your own Waves? I own your child!'