Twins of Twins 'Bun Again' padlock the city

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twin-of-twins-photo-1.jpgThe Twins named the song 'Bun Again', however, the streets have decided that the song's real name is 'Padlock', simply because the humourous single pokes fun at Gully Bop and Shauna Chin, detailing their very public break-up, which included the use of a padlock to beat Bop.

And, needless to say, 'Padlock/Bun Again' has totally locked the city.

The song starts out by telling the listeners "When you hear some man get bun don't laugh". It then recalls some of the hottest bun in dancehall, including the "bakery" that poor Foota Hype received and the hot bun that Mr Vegas bawling his eyes out.

However, the main butt is none other than Gully Bop, who says that Chin had her man wearing his clothes.

The Twins had a field day with that one.

The song is rapidly chalking up hits on yourube along with some very favourable comments.

Dancehall nice again!