LOL!!! Dexta Daps did really have on panty in one a di leaked pictures?

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dexta-daps-nudes-leaked.jpgA wha this we a hear bout say Dexta Daps did have on women's undergarment in one of the pictures that the white girl leak pon di Internet.

Tell us it aint so. PLEASE!

One report say dat mix-up selecta Foota Hype tell him followers dem pon Instagram dat him know di identity of the woman who dem say did leak the naked picture dem of Dexta Daps.

"Ppl Dem say a she a di wicked gal weh send out dextadaps pic," said Foota Hype on Instagram.

Foota Hype say dat the white girl is the ex-girlfriend of 'Shampoo' and that just open up a whole nodder can a worms. Don't ask if the people dem neva bun out the entertainer dem who love deh wid white ooman

"That's why they need to get over this complex and leave them white chicks alone. Stick with the evil that you know Dexta," said one commentator on Instagram

"The most high never intended for us to copulate with the white folks,' added another.

Anyway, the good-up god-up story concluded by saying: "Nude photos of Dexta Daps allegedly wearing a woman's undergarments was posted on social media earlier this week."