Lil Wayne throws down mic and walks off stage during performance in Milan

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lil-wayne-throws-down-mic.jpgDuring Wayne's performance, it appeared the crowd wasn't too into it. In the video above, you can see Weezy telling everyone to put their hands up, but nobody really does. As he's running through "John," some of his lyrics get bleeped out too. Eventually, he gets fed up, throws his mic in the air, and walks off the stage.

It's unclear whether the crowd knew who Wayne was or they just didn't understand his music. Whatever the situation, Wayne wasn't happy about it and reportedly left the venue immediately.

A representative for Lil Wayne has issued a clarification concerning the rapper's walk-off in Milan. According to TMZ, Wayne "didn't walk offstage because of the crowd, he was frustrated because the venue experienced technical difficulties and there were problems with his mic."