Lady Saw goes to Bible school; studying to be a minister

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ladysaw-sumfest.jpgLady Saw has given up her dancehall artiste and is looking forward to be known as Minister Marion Hall.

"I'm about to go to school to do leadership and ministering and take it from there and see where the Lord leads me. Right now I am into the Bible, watching TBN and I am not getting enough sleep because I'm so anxious," she told one newspaer.

"A lot of people want to teach me but everybody has their own way of teaching and interpreting and the Lord sent someone to me one day who told me that she used to own businesses and the Lord stripped her and sent her to Bible school and I was there like, 'Thank you Jesus, I hear you' because I was confused and talking to God in my mind," she added.

"The Lord have me preaching already. Sometimes when the Lord gives me a topic, it becomes a song and I realise I just start preaching in the midst of it. But I'm going to school to learn the right way," she said.

Hall also said that the Lord told her she will minister but she believes, understanding the word is important in ministry.

"I am hungry, I'm thirsty for His word. I feel so appreciated and so happy. I'm looking for a word to describe the Lord and I can't find it. People say He's awesome, He's majestic but for me it's more than that. I'm just in awe," she continued.