Kapri not pressured

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kapri-dark-glasses.jpgSeven years between hit songs is like an eternity in dancehall music, but deejay Kapri is determined not to endure another drought, after making an impact last year with Dark Glass.

The song is produced by Rohan 'Jah Snow Cone' Fuller, best known for directing Sean Paul's mega hit Temperature. Kapri said there is no pressure to score another hit song in 2016.

"Kapri is never one to be pushed or pressed into makiing decisions based on outside expectations or perception. To me, a hit is any good song someone can relate to...that is a hit," he reasoned. "I personally don't know 500 people, so if I even get 500 views, to me that's a real big deal."

Dark Glass, which addresses the life of a 'joker gangsta', is Kapri's most successful song since 2008's Dear Mama, which was produced by Sean 'Seanizzle' Reid. Dear Mama was a regional hit in the United Kingdom and also did well in the Cayman Islands.

Dwayne Wallace (Kapri's real name) is from Pembroke Hall in Kingston. He has been recording for just over 10 years, starting his career in a talent competition called Battle Thursdays.

Dark Glass's breakthrough has only whetted Kapri's desire to push on.

"Having a song to me represents a platform for my voice/story to be told... an avenue to express my art and connect with people and culture outside of my geographical space. Having a song that looks ready to take over the airwaves is fantastic," he said.