Ity of 'Ity and Fancy Cat' fame is baptised

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Following hard on the heels of former dancehall diva, Lady Saw, comedian Ity has revealed that he has accepted the Lord and has been baptized.

The popular comedian from the Ity and Fancy Cat Show, got baptised on January 1, 2016.

ity-and-fancy-cat-show.jpg"My wife and my youngest daughter got baptised last year. We've been going to church together and thing. I have been listening to the word and meditating. The pastor who baptised me is my childhood friend that I met on the football field in Boy's Town just like Fancy Cat.

"I think God spoke to my heart in a way that he has never spoken before or in a way that I've never even heard before," he reported told a popular tabloid.

Ity says he has always believed in a higher power and acknowledges the work of God in his life.

As for his other childhood friend Fancy Cat, Ellis hopes that by simply living his life, Fancy Cat will also get saved.