Fabian Marley madda sey she neva tell him sey Bob is him fada

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fabian-marley-photo-2.jpgSo where liad Fabian coulda really get that story from?

Look how long him a walk round and a trick up people sey him is the long lost son of Bob Marley, and according to him mada, him sista and the whole a him generation dem, Fabin know sey nutten doan go so.

Da man yah really billias fi true.

Fabian, who change him name to 'Fabian The Truth' claimed that it was him mada, Raphie Munroe, who tell him sey him was the son of the reggae king, Bo Marley,but hear what him mada haffi sey bout the whole situation.

"This is crazy talk!"


"I never in my life told my son that Bob Marley was his father. I don't know how he came up with this, but it is not true. It never happened. I don't know where he got this from, but no one in the family ever said this even once," Miss Raphie tell the Marley family.

Fakian, yuh get busted. So just come clean and confess and apologise and try get a real life.

Hope yuh have some a di massive amount a money yuh used to get a week time tie up inna one thread bag fi rainy day.