Fabian Marley changes stage name to 'Fabian The Truth'

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fabian-marley-photo-5.jpgWho saw this one coming? Fabian Marley says he is no longer using the Marley name in a professional way, his new stage name is...you probably didn't guess it.... Fabian The Truth. Yes, you heard right.

The reggae artiste who has been entangled in an acrimonious DNA dispute with the Marley family, says that he will continue to use the name Fabian Marley in all his legal dealings, and he will fight to do so.

"I will not stop using my legal name, Fabian Marley. My name is trademarked in the US, it is legal in the eyes of the government, it is not a fake name. Who know the truth, know the truth but I will let it go."

Fabian the Truth says he is under a lot of pressure and has received intimidatory letters and threatening phone calls, therefore "just for peace sake, just so that no one can come and harm me or my family, I will leave it alone, I am no longer Fabian Marley, I am Fabian the Truth".

"This Marley controversy that has been going on for a long time, is causing a problem in my personal life and affecting my health. But this music is bigger than just Bob Marley, I have a message, so right now, my name is Fabian the Truth, ," he said.

There has been a boost in the singer's popularity since the Marley DNA controversy, with his video, Naw Go Say We Poor racking up thousands of views on youtube, while the single has popped up on two national reggae charts.