Dr Love a go obeah 'nasty face Nuffy'

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nuffy.jpgNuffy, we really sorry fi you, but we cyaan help you.

Comedian Dr Love say him a go do you tings inna 2016 and stop you career before it even start. As to you car, that nah go start either. But a you wrong fi go call up him name inna you mix-up song and a style him.

Hear wha De Love write pon social media:

"Mi hear nasty face Nuffy mek song and try fi style mi seh him nuh want nuh fren from nuh obeah man. Nuffy, mek yuh tell yuh something, yuh shoulda neva try to come my way. Mi a guh mek yuh house haunted. Mi a guh mek sure seh yuh car can't start. Now Sting over and yuh a dead fi hungry and yuh want a buss back. Yuh life a guh haunted."