Devin Di Dakta sings the blues: Writes song about beaten from Corey Todd

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devin-di-dakta.jpgRather than lick his wounds in private, Devin Di Dakta is trying to ease the pain he is suffering from the beaten inflicted by club operator Corey Todd by writing and singing about the incident.

He recently release a song which describes what exactly happened at Club Taboo in the early hours of Monday morning.

"As me reach out a door, blow! Box from Corey Todd!

Me tek a couple more even though me know me bad,

Cause a bere big security man a hold me.

Bere box inna me face, likkle most me mad.

Me get a few kicks and a couple more box.

From me own belt, a couple more slaps.

Corey Todd say 'you caan go station cause the cops can't do nutten bout dat'."

Corey Todd, in a release has denied the beating incident. Attempts by Yardflex to reach Corey Todd for a comment have failed, as he has reportedly fled the island.