David Bowie Was The Original Hot Mug Shot Guy

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david-bowie-mug-shot.jpgBack in the day, when the word "viral" referred to the spread of disease and nothing more, David Bowie took a mug shot.

It was and is the perfect mug shot. In it, Bowie's style is impeccable. His hair is combed back or hanging to the side, just so. His jawline, apparently chiseled by the Gods. His eyes, peering into your soul.

The photos were taken in March 1976 in Rochester, New York. After playing a show in the area, he was arrested at a hotel along with Iggy Pop and two others for having a bunch of weed on them. Though they were charged with possession of marijuana, they never went to jail, and Bowie again played in the western New York state city.

In short, David Bowie was cooler and better-looking than you, and he was the original hot mug shot guy, too. R.I.P.