Chin, pay the obaeh man Mr Williams before him do you tings

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shaun-chin-eye-patch.jpgOn the weekend, a video has been circulating of an alleged obeah man threatening Shauna Chin, the estranged fiancee of entertainer Gully Bop.

The man says he wants her to pay the money she owes him before he uses his powers to harm her, however, Chin has denied any dealings with the obeah worker.

He is heard saying, "You know I don't play enuh! You don't want me to bring out Circumnadibus, Masta Masta, Dudu, Black Man, Pink Man, Yellow Man .. so fix up yuh self and bring in me money."

In the minute-long video, a man who identified himself as Mr Williams, claiming to be an obeah worker, said Chin solicited his services to solve her problems and has now refused to pay him.

Williams was sporting a wrapped head with pens sticking from the side of the wrap, and had multiple beads around his neck seemingly to authenticate his claim as a professional obeah worker.