Chin abused me says crybaby Gullly Bop

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gully-bop-and-shauna-chin-kissing.jpgWe can now officially add "crybaby" to the list of adjectives used to describe Gully Bop.

In a recent interview, Bop, who is 51 complained that he has been suffering abuse at the hands of Chin for quite some time and showed several bites and other wounds said to have been inflicted by her.

Condemning domestic abuse, Gully Bop said he would never put his hands on a woman and has no record of being violent.

"I am not stupid, am not a girl beater. I view abuse as a wicked thing. Man powerful enuh, and I wouldn't want to hurt Chin. Even when she a bite mi, the most I will do is tickle her so that she let go," he said.

Gully Bop will now be managed by Karl Durrant and can be reached at 876-431-1828 or email He is also warning promoters not to do business with Chin on his behalf.