Beenie Man, TVJ reporter Krystal Tomlinson and the big slurpy, very public kiss at Rebel Salute

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beenie-jazz.jpgThis might ot sem relevant but it is. Beenie Man, who yuh live wid? Don't you think that thee person who put yuh up inna her house all dem months yah deserve some respect?

When Beenie and TV host, Krystal Tomlinson put on that very public kiss at Rebel Salute last weekend many eyebrows were raised way up. Naturally, the picture man dem descend pon di two a dem, but dem neva waan tek no picture together. Ah wonder why?

Anyway, hear the kicker: "When contacted, Tomlinson told THE STAR that she prefers to keep her life private.


"At this time, I'm not prepared to answer questions about that. I am not in a position to. I like to keep my life private, so at this time, I have no comment on the issue at all," she said.

Now Krystal, you and Beenie Man a kiss up inna big big public and then you a go chat bout you want to keep you private life "private"

Well, my dear, if that is so, then you shouldn't be kissing like that in public.

According to the story, Beenie Man confirmed that the two are dating. End of....