Why Etana really neva go a di people dem show?

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etana-vprecords.jpgAccording to reports, reggae singer, Etana has been called out after a no-show at a charity show in the US. The organisers want back ther money, including the money they wasted on plane tickets for Etana and her husband/manager and hotel rooms.

According to the reports, Etana and failed to make an appearance at the benefit concert held in Queens, New York, on November 27. It was hosted by social media blogger and Dancehall Connections TV host, Tina Chin, in partnership with the Zion Kids Foundation led by president, Roxanne Little.

Tina Chin wrote on Facebook last Tuesday that Etana and her management team have refused to refund monies paid to secure her performance.

"Attached is the original acceptance to my request for your entertainer Etana to be a part of my charity event which was scheduled for November 27, 2015," the post read.

"You, however, failed to honour the initial agreement and since you have reneged on your part of the agreement, I am asking that you refund all expenses already paid out to you prior to your entertainer's scheduled appearance."

Since Chin made the issue public on social media, Etana's husband, Andre Morris, who is also the artiste manager/director of Freemind Music that manages Etana, stated in a release that Etana did not perform because the event was poorly organised and that the organisers did not live up to their end of the contract.

"Of all the charities I have ever done, none has been this disorganised."

Morris said that there were only "25 people at the event" and that there was hardly any mention of the charity's aim during the first opening minutes of the event.

But if Etana and her manager were not at the event, how do they know that? Did Etana know prior to the concert that only 25 persons would have shown up?

And, even so, she accepted the deposit, thereore she had an obligation to attend the show. Even is it was just to show her face.

This excuse makes absolutely no sense.

"I am always willing and ready to give back," Etana explained in the statement. "But I see now sometimes it's best to not be so quick and ready to be associated with every charity.

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