Was the tattoo-eye deejay really wearing contacts?

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alkaline-eyes-tattoo.jpgAnd...the quest for truth continues....and so too the PR stunts.

Alkaline has attracted quite a bit of attention from social media users after posting a picture without his controversial black eyes confirming that he never tattooed his eyeballs. Or is this picture another of his endless publicity stunts. (Which seem to be working, by the way.)

In a pic posted on the entertainer's official Instagram page, Alkaline shows off the sclera which is the white part of the eye that the deejay has hidden with black contact lenses since his musical break some two years ago.

Many social media users label the move by Alkaline a publicity stunt, others express shock at the blatant lies the entertainer told about his eyes being tattooed, while some defend the deejay.