US court finds Flippa Mafia guilty of drugs charges

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flippa-mafia.jpgPopular Jamaican entertainer Flippa Mafia was on Thursday convicted in New Jersey of drug running following a seven-week trial.

US media reports say Flippa Mafia, whose given name is Andrew Davis, was unable to convince the court he was not linked to a illegal drug ring that used the U.S postal service to ship cocaine from California to New Jersey.

Flippa Mafia was found guilty of drug distribution charges.

New Jersey prosecutors say he ran the drug operation along with his brother Kemar Davis, who resided in California. Davis pleaded guilty in September and another sibling Roger Davis, pleaded guilty to drug possession charges.

Investigators say Flippa Mafia was the mastermind behind the drug ring which had extended its links to Jamaica and he directed Davis and others to ship cocaine from California to New Jersey.

The cocaine was then distributed to dealers.