Trouble in paradise - Gully Bop and Shauna Chin split

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gully-bop-head-injury-shauna-chin-cheating-fight.jpgA video circulating on social media, shows an angry Gully Bop pointing towards a car while inside the vehicle Shauna Chin screams.

"People, Lord Jesus help mi! Di man a get mad pon mi," Chin shouts.

In the video Gully Bop is seen walking around the car as if trying to get in while the woman screams for someone to open the gate and allow to her leave.

"Open di gate nuh, open di gate! Oonu ago mek di man kill mi in yah?"

But Gully Bop tells a different story in another viral video. With his face covered with what seemed like blood, he relates how Chin cheated on him and attempted to fight him when caught.

"Chin have man inna me house, inna me house. Chin wait till late fi bring dem inna mi house," Bop says.

"She hide behind the door, knock me out with a padlock and buss up di whole a me face," he says in explaining the condition of his face.

"A Chin do this. Me deh a show and Chin have man inna me house. She wait till late and bring them in a me house. Me go the house, she hide behind the door, knock me out with a padlock, and buss up the whole a me head," he stated.

He also alleges that Chin has been scamming his money and that they have been separated for more than three months. The deejay claims that Chin has been unfaithful in their relationship and locked him out of his house.

Chin, however, has staunchly denied this, saying instead that Bop has been physically abusing her for months, and that he has a drug problem.

"Bop is a liar. I am no longer his fiancee. We done. Bop vex because me catch him a try take out the TV out of the house fi sell it. A di same thing him do wid the sound box. Me cudda never carry man inna the house weh me and Bop live inna. Me a nuh idiot. Gully Bop, how you fi bruk inna you own house and thief the things?" she stated.

"Him a bruk inna him owna house, fi tief out di tings dem, fi sell fi buy coke," she says.

However, according to Bop, "One week now mi nuh guh inna mi house.She have... man inna mi house! She feel seh mi deh a Mandeville but she neva know mi come up last night."

"She busted, Shauna Chin busted," Gully Bop continued. "Have man inna mi house. Man all have mi clothes weh mi buy a England."

However, Chin said in an interview with Zip fm today that Gully Bop thinks she is involved with everyone she talks to.

Gully Bop also denied claims that he was breaking into the house to take anything, but merely wanted the keys to his house from Chin.

According to the deejay, everything inside the house belongs to him and he has no need to steal anything.

Bop has also denied retaliating at any point during the altercation, and stated that Chin fabricated the story about him trying to harm her in an attempt to further her career as an artiste.

The deejay also said that he is in no way associated with Chin at this point.

To be continued.....