Supa Hype turns brand ambassador

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supa-hype-photo-1.jpgRadio disc jock at SunCity FM and host of Hype TV's Up and Live, Supa Hype, recently signed a endorsement deal to become the brand ambassador of Reggae Grabba Blunts, Reddi-Grabba Leaves and Blue Mountain cigars.

Reggae Grabba is a premium hand-rolled blunt cigar made from 100 per cent tobacco and dipped in a variety of flavours, including Hennessy, Red Rum and Strawberry. Reddi leaves area conveniently packaged in a set of three pure tobacco leaves in the popular grabba, while Blue Mountain Cigars are traditional hand-rolled tobacco cigars.

Didd Exchange the Montego Bay-based distributors of the brands, is expecting more people to become aware of its products by the association with Hype, who as of late is enjoying a surge in popularity and media gigs.

Recently, D'Angel and I-Octane also signed new endorsement deals.