Shebada calls out Nuffy, I-Octane and Konshens; says Nuffy is his 'lil sis'

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shebada-beautiful.jpgComedian and actor Keith 'Shebada' Ramsay has launched a stunning verbal attack on popular emcee Nuffy, and took stinging potshots at recording artiste I Octane and Konshens in a post online.

In the post, he says: "look how dem spread rumours and try mash up my career and the whole ah dem a try tek my style and waa be like me. I Octane pants tighter dan mine. Konshens look like me twin and now Nuffi look like me lickle sister! No sah, me cawn badda!"

When contacted, a fired-up Shebada directed his verbal attack towards Nuffy, in particular, and singled out I Octane and Konshens for some of his vitriol.

"Nuffy ah mi lickle sister, we go church together and siddown pon the same bench, but ah him ah shake the tambourine. Right now, yu nu see how him favour me? Ah just that him ah the black version....Nuffy need style, why him no try white since black nah work fi him."

He also launched a verbal broadside against I Octane and what he called "dancehall hypocrites".

"Tell Octane fi bring back mi pants, ah mi one black pants and mi caan find it. Dem a speculate and a bash me. Everybody lick out against me, dem classify me as homosexual when other people ah put on wig and a gwaan like woman, and the same artistes dem a like fi dem post pon Instagram, but dem waan come bash me," he said.

He said that some of the dancehall artistes were hypocrites.

"Dem a gwaan like queen, and dem not even a king, dem a jack!" he said.

Shebada is known for his hilarious performances in plays such as Bashment Granny 1, 2, and 3, as well as Di Driva and GhettOut. His latest play, Bangarang, will open on December 18th at the Green Gables Theatre.