Reggae singer Oriel remains 'Confident'

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oriel-confidence-ep.jpgHaving enjoyed a tremendous year which included releasing two separate EP projects on the same day, performing an acoustic session on Sirius XM and making his debut at three major festivals- Rebel Salute in January, Reggae Sumfest in July and Montreal Reggaefest in August - Dominican reggae artiste, Oriel, is quite happy with the progress he has made so far.

However, the singer, who is based in Pittsburg, USA, is not resting on his laurels. He remains in full promotional mode as he continues the media blitz for his two EP's 'Love SoulJah' and 'Confidence 2.0', each of which focuses on a different side of the prolific artiste. One EP targets the ladies and explores themes including love and the man and woman relationships, while the other is more didactic and speaks to sociopolitical topics.

Also high on Oriel's list of priorities right now is catapulting the single Confidence into the top tier of music charts around the world. Confidence, a soulful single with a poignant hook, is Oriel's breakthrough song which was initially released in 2012 and was co-produced by his Afar Music Group label mate Lloyd "Cookie" Willacy, who used to play for reggae legend, Dennis Emmanuel Brown. The decision was made, however, to refocus the spotlight on this single, even as they pushed the single Cruise, the video for which has now been added to and VH1Soul.

According to Oriel, who describes his music as reggae fusion, "Confidence got a lot of love when it was released a few years ago, but we know that it has vast potential...way beyond what it has already achieved."

He explained, "We subsequently did a fresh mix, put on some background vocals and had it re-mastered by Grammy nominated UK producer Daniel Boyle for the Confidence 2.0 EP, which is really a collaborative effort with Daniel."

Boosted by a cutting-edge music video shot in Kingston, Jamaica, the single has taken on renewed energy and is receiving power play on radio in eight Caribbean territories - including Dominica - and is on the playlist of several stations in the US and England. Oriel and his Afar Music Group team have been targeting Europe, where he was originally scheduled to do the 'Confidence Music Tour' in October. But, late approval of the requisite visas meant that the tour had to be postponed for early 2016, when he will also be releasing his debut CD.

Talking about his first ever European tour at the time, Oriel noted: "We are most excited about taking the music to the people over there. It's also a great opportunity to spread the message of love and knowledge of self that I sing about, while expanding our brand to a different market."

In addition to singing, Oriel also plays the guitar and the clarinet, writes his lyrics and co-produces his songs. He performs with his band, Oriel and the Revoluters, and his fans are known as the Revoluters.