PNP cass cass pon Facebook with Damion and Kingston Mayor

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damian-crawford.jpgDamion Crawford, who is in St Vincent this week on behalf of the PNP,show him true colours pon Facebook when him slew Mayor of Kingston Brown Burke on Thursday.

"Thank God Angella Brown Burke's punishment never extended to St Vincent; up here nice," Crawford seh.

of course, Brown Burke, who get her doctorate di odder day hit back: "Damion Crawford lef mi name alone. Ask Ralph if a nuh me tell him fi mek you come."

Crawford replied, "Angella Brown Burke Ralph not even mention you as someone to say hello to...ur influence nuh pass William Grant Park."


Mout seh di two a dem a cuss true Brown Burke never want Crawford fi get di post as candidate fi di Trelawny North constituency,but Brown Burke seh a lie, nutten no go so.

All kind a people a give dem advise pon Facebook and a tell dem fi stop di squabbling, but it nuh look like dem a go stop. And these are the childish people we have a lead di country. Di two a dem nedd to be disciplined by the party.

Crawford was rejected as the PNP candidate in East Rural St Andrew and him bex so till. Him did write how ""It seems me and the party are heading towards irreconcilable differences #prenup."