'Please give me some time to understand what God wants me to do next,' says newly-baptised Lady Saw

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lady-saw-baptised.jpgThe acclaimed Dacehall Muma, Marion "Lady Saw" Hall,had her sins washed away at a baptisimal service at the Emmanuel Apostolic Church on Slipe Road in Kingston on Monday evening.

The news of Lady Saw's baptism has sent dancehall fans, church-goers and just about everybody in a spin, as many contemplate the way forward for the number one female dancehall deejay, who has reigned for more than two decades.

Lady Saw posted a video of the occasion on her instagram page with the caption, "I'm now washed of all my sins. I've given my life to God fully and am ready to walk with him and do his work."

"Please give me some time to understand what God wants me to do next please. I know u want me all over the world but please wait please."

Lady Saw has spoken time and again about being "called by God" and the news of her full acceptance has been received with mixed reactions.

However, she is being fully embraced by the Christian community internationally, with even a pastor in Canada reaching out to her.

It is expected that dancehall-deejay-turned-christian, Stitchie, will be paying Lady Saw a visit very soon, if he has not already done so. Stitichie had done a song a few years ago, Fast And Pray in which he had prayed that all his dancehall artistes would give their lives to God.

In 1994, she released her debut album, Lover Girl, which had hits like Find a Good Man and Hardcore. Her accomplishments include Underneath it All, the 2002 collaboration with No Doubt which reached number three in the United States and won a Grammy Award for Best Performance by a Duo or Group.

Earlier on Monday, after attending J Capri's funeral, Lady Saw announced that she had decided to cancel all her remaining dancehall shows after being "spoken to" by the Lord at the service.