Marley family ignorant of plans to honour Bob

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bob-marley-photo-3.jpgTHE family of reggae king Bob Marley say they are ignorant of the plans of organisers of the Zimbabwe Music Awards (Zima) to honour the late reggae icon.

"Damian Marley wanted to know about the award as the family doesn't know about it. They only got to know about the award through a story in the Jamaica Observer," said Bob Marley Music manager, Doreen Crujeiras.

Recently, Zima Chairman Joseph Nyadzayo announced that they had postponed this year's awards ceremony to next year as they wanted to honour Marley with a Lifetime Achievement award. According to organisers, Marley's family had said they would only be free to travel to Zimbabwe early next year to receive the award.

Crujeiras said they feared Zima organisers could have been dealing with impersonators as no one had approached the Marley family with such a request.

"Since we aren't aware of the award, maybe the organisers have been dealing with the wrong people. We're now frantically trying to establish who they've been dealing with," Crujeiras was quoted as saying.

Nyadzayo said an official letter has subsequently been sent to the family.

"Marley's management spoke to us and we've sent a letter officially asking them to honour Bob Marley. We're now waiting for feedback from them on whether they'll accept the award," he said.

Nyadzayo said if, by any chance, the Marleys rejected the accolade, they would resort to an alternative plan.

"We'd asked members of I-Three, comprising of Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt, to accept an award; and if push comes to shove, we'd award them instead," he said.