#KeepingUpWithTheBops - Gully Bop and Shauna Chin mix-up stir up social media

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Did she or didn't she? Did he or didn't he? and if she did, who is really surprised?

Dancehall sensation Gully Bop and his fiancee Shauna Chin refused to let the year 2015 end without the required high drama from them.

In a classic he said/she said, Bop is accusing Chin of bringing man into his house and beating him up with a padlock when he caught them together; while Chin is accusing Bop of physical abuse, lying and drug abuse.

SIGH! What a quality mix up. And they have both been making videos and posting on the Internet. Chin is seen in her video screaming "People, Lord Jesus help mi! Di man a get mad pon mi," while Bop, in his featured film rants: "Chin have man inna me house, inna me house. Chin wait till late fi bring dem inna mi house. She hide behind the door, knock me out with a padlock and buss up di whole a me face,".

Bop says he and Chin have been separated for three month, Chin says that's a lie, as it was only on Sunday that they were out together.

However, she did say that: "Bop have a man a farin a boost him up fi diss me. Him all have woman a call me and disrespect me. She a tell me say she take me man and a she have him now. A long time Gully Bop a beat me up and me nuh tell nobody because me love him.

"Bop need fi face reality and stop be a hypocrite. Him a walk and owe people money and a dem a come to me bout it. I am 25 years old and Bop is 51.

"If me did want bad, me cudda bad. Him a beat me and me still stick with him because him a come from nothing to something," she said.

Though she has confirmed that they have parted ways, Chin says she would still be willing to give him a helping hand with his career if he so desires.

"He needs to go to rehab. He has a drug problem and he loves the drugs more than me. He needs to get his act together.