'I was not arrested in the US. It's all lies,' says radio disc jock Weed Seed

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weed-seed.jpgSunCity radio disc jock Patrick 'Weed Seed' Billings says he was not held in a raid while in the United States recently, and was never charged for any wrongdoing, as is being reported on numerous websites and blogs.

The report is that the disc jock was held after authorities swooped down on premises and found over US$1,000,000. Weed Seed was in Florida for a stint, promoting his My Life mixtape, following which he would have made stops in New York and Washington. However, he was forced to cut his travel plans short and return to Jamaica due to negative impact associated with the rumour.

According to a spokeperson from the Broward Sheriff County Office, the last Patrick Billings in their system was from 2003 and was much older than the sunjock.

The disc jock said that two shows were recently cancelled after the promoter learnt that his name was embroiled in arrest.

"The promoter said he had to rectify the situation and so the other shows were cancelled," said Billings.

He is contemplating legal action against the websites and blogs which have published the misleading information.