Frankie Paul for Sting - From Then Til Now

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frankie-paul-for-sting-2015.jpgVeteran lover's rock singer Frankie Paul will perform at Sting on Boxing Day.

Paul, who rarely performs in Jamaica, lauded organisers for this year's theme -- From Then Till Now.

"It's time for a change. Tired of the same thing. We are the original artistes. It feels wonderful to be on it this year as a legend," he told the Sunday Observer.

Paul is critical of the music's negative direction in recent years.

"The lyrical content and style have changed. Too much war is in the music now and that is not good. Music is life, music is love, music is peace, music is from the Almighty and we are losing that," he said.

"They (the artistes) need to slow down. We want conscious music to sing and dance to, music that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren can dance to. Take it slow and make it peaceful," he continued.

He gave a nod to acts including Romain Virgo, Chris Martin, Aidonia, Vershon and Devin Di Dakta.

Though born with a vision impairment, Frankie Paul (given name Paul Blake) ruled the 1980s with tracks including Cassanova, Worries In The Dance, I Know The Score and Sarah.

He plans to release a new album entitled In The Arena.