Former dancehall artistes-turn-Christian welcome Lady Saw to the fold

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lady-saw-baptised.jpgGospel artistes who lwere once members of the dancehall fraternity have rolled out the red carpet for Lady Saw and have given her words of encouragement as she starts her Christian journey..

Lt. Stitchie: "Persons gave me two weeks to backslide, but they didn't tell me which year. I'm still here. I will tell Marion to listen to God, not man because man look on the outward but God examines the heart."

Papa San: "Oh my God, I am rejoicing. I want her to know that we love her and we are just rejoicing. We stand with her, we stand in prayer with her and we want people to recognise that God can change any person. He (God) didn't come to call the righteous, He came to call the sinner. What I would encourage Lady Saw to do and that's what I did - get herself embedded in bible studies. She has to get into the word of God and feed her Spirit-man. The music will always be there, God gifted her in that area so just get into the word of God," Papa San said.

DJ Nicholas: "I would tell Lady Saw to try to know God for herself and not through anyone else. Spend time in fasting and prayer and the word as well. And don't be discouraged if she sees things in the church that she didn't expect. You know the saying that you have good cops and bad cops? It's the same in the church. So don't be discouraged by that."

Ryan Mark: "My prayer is that God will position her in the right church and among the right people , people who will pray for her and lift her up and not condemn her. Many people expect the church to be perfect but I have been a Christian for many years and I can tell you that you that the church is not perfect. A lot of people go into church and then leave because they didn't expect to find some things there but the church isn't a perfect place. So I would tell Marion Hall to keep her eyes on Jesus."

Crissy D: "I know the heavens are rejoicing that Lady saw has now started the race. She will have a lot of hurdles but it's a start. I want her to know that she is covered because once you enter this (Christian) race you are covered. Even if she is to look back she is still covered. Saw and I met when I just got saved and she had a strong desire to serve the Lord, she just didn't know how to come to Him but thank God that a seed was planted. I want her to know that this race will strip her and detox her of everything she thought she knew but at the end of the day she will learn to glorify God and not man."