Downsound Records officially opens new head office and studio

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joe-bogdanovich-onstage-may-17.jpgDownsound Records officially opened its new head office and studio along Belmont Road in St Andrew on Thursday.

The Joseph Bogdanovich-led Downsound Records feted key patrons at its launch party as the red carpet-themed event featured DJ Collin Hines and Chris Dymond on the energetic turntables.

The premise, formerly Carlos Café, is still in the final stages of completion and is expected to be finished next week.

Some of patrons included Gary Matalon an investor-partner in KLE Group of which Bogdanovich is the largest individual investor, Robert Livingston, owner of Big Yaad Records and Scikron Entertainment, music broadcaster Winfred Williams of long-standing entertainment programme On Stage, as well as many others.