Downsound Records is a non-profit organisation says Contractor

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downsound-josef-bogdanovich.jpgDownsound Records(DSR) has kicked 'its former marketer Contractor to the curb and he is not taking it lying down.

In a press release sent to the media DSR rstated: "This is to advise the public that Sean "Contractor" Edwards is no longer associated with DownSound Records Limited and is not authorized to transact any business on its behalf."

Well, Contractor has reesponded. In a radio interview he stated the folowing:

"Well, you know, Downsound Records is basically a non-profit organisation and by that I mean that the two artistes that are left do not generate profit for the company and the company is funded out of Mr. Bogdanovich's pockets.

And therefore they have some marketing strategy where they use tabloid stories you know such as ...who the artiste is pregnant for, who the artiste is sleeping with... and Contractor's marketing is all about making hits and impacting the international market andthis caused a problem where it is said that Contractor as the marketing company is outhadowing the artistes... and as such Contractor's Marketing and Downsound Records have parted ways