Chin use the padlock fi beat Gully Bop...Suppose she did borow Bounty hammer?!

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gully-bop-and-shauna-chin-fight.jpgBwoy, no show no nice so!

A wha do dem artiste een man. Bounty Killer did use a hamma fi beat fi him girl-friend and now aspiring artiste Shauna Chin use padlock fi beat up her man.

Poor Gully Bop say Chin neva mek fun fi use di padlock fi beat him inna him head.

If oonu ever see the video! Mi seh, Bop Bop Bop look battered and bruised so till. You woulda neva believe say is a padlock Chin use fi do him so. Den suppose Chin did borrow Bounty hamma? A wha woulda happen to Bop.

Bounty, we ah beg yuh. Duh. No lend Chin yuh hamma.