Blood bank refuses blood from tatooed dancheall artiste for JCapri

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radijah-blood-donation-to-j-capri.jpgThe National Blood Transfusion Service - the Blood bank - refused to allow dancehall artiste Radijah to donate blood for fellow artiste J Capri recently.

According to the police, "if you have had a tattoo in the past 12 months, then you can't give blood".

"I really wanted to give blood for J Capri because she is an artiste like me but I was shocked when they told me that I couldn't give blood because I had got a tattoo in the past 12 months. I guess they must have their reasons but this is the 21st century, why can't they just do a test to see if everything is right, so I can give blood," he said.

"At Christmas time, it is critical that members of the public come forward and give blood because we have a lot of accidents, and other tragedies at this time, so even though I can't give, I want to encourage others to give."

J Capri, 23, whose given name Jordan Phillips, was hospitalised last Sunday after her vehicle overturned. Reports said a car she was driving slammed into a wall in Barbican Square about 3am. She was rushed to hospital following the collision.