Barbee Wins Best Female African Pop Artist

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barbee-wins-african-award.jpgBarbee comes from a diverse background of Nigerian and Jamaican descent, and you can hear the cultural influence in her music.

Barbee is wildly known and respected in the music industry, and has calibrated with many talented artist, such as Trina and Bennie Man. Barbee's craft is not going unnoticed, on November 27, 2015 Barbee was nominated and won Best Female African Pop Artist at The Annual African DJs and MCs Awards in New York City.

Barbee performed at the awards where she gave a tribute to her culture by doing a segment dedicated to contemporary African dance. Barbee mixed both her Caribbean and African cultures with her chart toping #1 hit song "Love You Anyway." Barbee mentions she wants to work with more Nigerian Producers. In her acceptance speech Barbee states;

"I feel blessed that I grew up in a household with so much culture and was able to listen to so many artist like Fela Kuti and I look forward to doing collaborations with other African Artist."

Barbee is currently preparing for a mini-tour in Nigeria, which is set to start in 2016. Not only will she be promoting her hit single "Whoa", but her lipstick line "Barbee Collection"; which she will be launching a new lip color for this Christmas and will be available on