Artiste Black Pearl shot 7 times by gunmen while at home in Florida

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black-pearl.jpgUS-based dancehall artiste/producer Kevin 'Black Pearl' Richards, received seven shots last Monday and lives to tell the tale.

"I was in my house when gunmen broke in and just start firing shots. Is like the man dem wa kill me because a seven shots me pick up, one of which struck me in my chest. I am just thanking God to be alive because it could have been worse," he said.

Hailing from Spanish Town in St Catherine, Richards migrated to Florida in 2004. He is the producer of the Team Team Strike beat, which features songs from Navino and Ryme Minista. This was followed by the rhythms Hero's Day, Sex, and, most recently, War Like.

The latter features Masika's Gas Dem, Black Pearl's Rise it and Dwayno's Send them Home.

Richards is also the CEO of Spit Fiay Records, which has offices in Spanish Town, St Catherine.