Anneika Head Top and Dancehall Queen Nikiesha detained at Nipples Tuesday for dancing on car top

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anneika-head-top-sher-rumbar-nikiesha.jpgDancer Anneika Head Top and her compatriots Dancehall Queen Nickiesha an Sher Rumbar were enjoying themselves at Nipples Tuesday in Olympic Gardens when an overzealous policeman carted off two of them to the station.

According to Sher Rumbar - the only one of the three to have given the cop the clip - they were dancing yo Bamboo Man's song and climbed on top of his parked car outside the venue in the community.

"Me and Anneika and Nickiesha were on the car, and we were dancing to the Bamboo Man song when everyone start shout out 'run police a come', and mi run (laughing) but it appeared that Anneika and Nickiesha were deep in the dancing and dem never hear the warning so the cops hold on pon dem (laughing),"

"The police officer say three of us must come wid him to the station, but mi tek weh miself, and him lock up the two of them and gone. Him drive down the road with them, I thought it was a joke ting but him well serious.

After him lock dem up, him gone pon the road and tek three hour to come back so dem inna de police station long before dem finally get released," she said.

The two dancehall personalities were not charged, but the officer had threatened to lock them up for body trafficking.

"That is an offence when you are dancing on a moving car, but the car was parked," Sher said.