A which promoter waan kill Ninjaman?

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ninjaman.jpgReallly now, which promoter tink dem mad and a send death threat to the original-gold-teet-gun-pon-teet-don-gorgon Ninjaman?

We neva hear nutten so yet. (Kiss teet times one thousand.)

People say that the promoter say that Ninjaman trying to ruin him event and so the promoter call off Ninja cellphone and a chat off him moth inna di most way..

Well, deejay, all we can tell you fi do is to make a formal report to the police before you do anything else about the matter.

Anyway, in other Ninjaman news, the dancehall artste Ninja Man is working on the Ocho Rios Festival, a two day event featuring top sound systems and live stage performances respectively to commemorate his 50th birthday celebration slated to take place on January 22 and 23.