Table Etiquette 101: Handling Utensils

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napkin-with-proper-table-etiquette.jpgAfter watching the video with a certain female deejay happily enjoying a spice meal onboard an aircraft and holding her utnsils - knife and fork -- in the wrong hands, we here at YardFlex decided to do a little feature on table etiquette:

The continental table manners style prevails at all meals, formal and informal, because it is a natural, non-disruptive way to eat.

Hold your fork in your left hand, tines downward.

Hold your knife in your right hand, an inch or two above the plate.

Extend your index finger along the top of the blade.

Use your fork to spear and lift food to your mouth.

If your knife is not needed, it remains on the table.

At informal meals the dinner fork may be held tines upward, American table manners style.