Rev Run and family travel to Jamaica in the premiere of 'Rev Runs Around the World'

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rev-runs-around-the-world.jpgRun-DMC founding member Joseph 'Rev Run' Simmons and his family travel to Jamaica and rap at Tuff Gong Studio in the premiere episode of 'Rev Runs Around the World' airing next month on the Travel Channel.

In the premiere episode, airing on December 2nd, Rev Run along with his wife Justine and their kids, 18-year-old Russy and 7-year-old Miley, visit the top sights in Kingston.

"The family meets up with Tami, a local [who] Rev met through mutual friends in the music industry. She welcomes the Simmons to Jamaica with a special fried fish lunch - eyes and all - on Hellshire Beach, followed by an impromptu jam session at Tuff Gong, Bob Marley's famous recording studio. Justine manages to bring a begrudging Rev along on a trip in the rain to the Jamaican Blue Mountains for some of the world's richest coffee," stated the release on the show.

The next few days also include a visit to Jamaica's biggest football facility, Boardwalk Beach and a homemade Sunday supper with friends.

"Shooting 'Rev Runs Around the World' with my family was one of the best experiences of my life," said Rev Run. "Justine, Russy and Miley dragged me along on their adventures - and I wouldn't trade those experiences with my family for anything. Whether we were riding elephants in Thailand or learning how to be ninjas in Tokyo, I'll cherish those moments forever."

The family will then jet off to 16 other cities around the world including Tokyo, Bali, Hong Kong, Dubai, Istanbul, Geneva, Reykjavik, Copenhagen and Rio de Janeiro.

Rev Runs Around the World is produced by Departure Films and Simmons Lehman Productions. For Departure Films, the executive producers are Max Weissman, Matt Levine and Timothy Robbins. For Simmons Lehman Productions, the executive producers are Joseph Rev Run Simmons and Michael Lehman. For Travel Channel, the executive producer is Dale Roy Robinson.