Pope Francis, leader of the $-billion Catholic church slams wealthy elite as he visits Kenyan slum

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pope-francis.jpgPope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, which is worth billions of dollars and owns some of the most expensive art collections in this world, lashed out at wealthy minorities who hoard resources at the expense of the poor as he visited a crowded Nairobi slum today during his three-day tour of Kenya.

The 78-year-old pontiff was given a rapturous welcome as he arrived in Kangemi, which is home to more than 100,000 people who live in shacks without sewerage, including 20,000 who belong to the local Catholic parish.

Residents of the slum lined the mud streets to welcome him, standing alongside goats and hens outside the corrugated tin-roofed shacks where the shantytown's many small businesses operate: beauty parlours, cellphone 'top-up' shops and storefront evangelical churches.

Speaking at the local Catholic church, Francis condemned the 'dreadful injustice of urban exclusion' that has forced some 60 per cent of Nairobi's population to move to slums that cover just 6 per cent of the city's residential land, according to 2014 figures from the UN Habitat programme.

However, even as the Pope slammed the wealthy, online readers made it their point of duty to slam the Vatican: "Last time I checked the Vatican was worth billions.... Pot and kettle?," on reader commented.

Says the guy who lives in his own private city!!

This is a man who sits on a solid gold throne.

I recently walked around the Vatican and was amazed at the priceless works or art, anyway what what the Pope saying again?