Pamputtae a look a hype offa marriage

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pamputtae.jpgOn-again-off-again dancehall deejay, Pamputtae obviously a boost for her new single and so she post up picture pon Instagram with wedding band and all these tings.

She all post picture inna black boots, jeans shirt and shorts with the caption "the baddest wife in town, mi husband love mi" with three purple hearts followed by music symbols.

Still, she get a lickle feedback from faas people who waan find out if she married, and of course, what dem really want fi know is: "A which man married to Pamputtae?"

Oonu fi hear Pamputtae a do radio interview and a galang all coy like she is Miss Virgin.

Anyway, Pamputtae say she nah let di puss outta di bag just yet. So she and her fans'still a play di guessing game.

Oh, by the way, Pamputtae new song name "Money We Seh" on the Life Support Riddim.