Meet The Hardweares: Singing Melody and wife enter the world of reality TV

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hardweares-singing-melody-ruby.jpgReggae singer Singing Melody who has been a major performer on reggae's global stage for decades is bringing his life to TV.

He and his effervescent wife Ruby will feature in a new television series starting on CVM TV and CEEN TV on November 21. The show called The Hardweares is a reality series where family and music meet home and garden.The series is built around veteran singer, songwriter, producer and promoter and his wife Ruby Robinson-Hardweare who is an IT and telecommunications executive.

The Hardweares aren't your typical couple. It's a celebrity living with a hardnosed business woman who is trying to live a somewhat normal live. But what Ruby considers normal is very different from what Everton "Singing Melody" Hardweare is accustomed to. They are both passionate about their individual careers and despite having diverse viewpoints their love for each other has kept them going. The show follows the couple across the US, Canada and the Caribbean as Singing Melody further builds his career with Ruby's unwavering support.

The series is built around the romance between Everton and Ruby;

Everton's music career and the dream house which they've been building over the past few years.

"What fans will see is the various sides of me. They'll get more than just a sneak peek into the ins and outs of my daily routine. They'll get a front row seat to see how Ruby and I make tough decisions about the house and my career, even though most times it's a tussle," said Singing Melody with a sly chuckle.

The Hardweares has a powerhouse award winning production team, Panache Entertainment, which is headed by Emmy-winning senior producer Angela Thame who has won awards working on the Oprah show. She is supported by multi award winning producer Sonya Stewart who has many accolades and award winning videographer and editor Dorian Clarke.

The Hardweares makes its television debut with simulcasts airing in Jamaica, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Tampa, Boston, New Jersey, Toronto, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Baltimore, Palm Springs Florida and several other markets. The show airs on CVM TV in Jamaica and on CEEN TV in the USA and Canada on Saturdays at 10 PM. The season runs 13 weeks from November 21, 2016 to February 13, 2015.