Mackie Conscious releases new album 'Leave the Crumbs Alone'

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leave-the-crumbs-alone-album-cover.jpgMulti-talented song writer, singer, musician, and producer, Mackie Conscious will release his latest album November 20 2015 on Cdbay, ITunes, Amazon and all major download sites. "Leave the Crumbs Alone" is the title track for the album.

This is his second album following "What If" which was released in 2009.

This 16-track album has five collaborations; "Leave the Crumbs Alone" featuring international bass player/Artist Taddy P. This song won Best Collaboration music Video on Carivibes Tv Awards in 2010. "Nobody no Business" and "Two Many Broken Homes" featuring his 10-year-old daughter and piano prodigy Bliss McKay. "Wonderful World" features Jamaican born Australian Reggae artist Jimmy Trenchtown. "Put a little love in your heart", features one of Jamaica best DJ Mikeylous.

There are three covers: "You'll Never Find Another" the Lou Rawls 1976 classic, "Wonderful world" the Sam Cook 1960 classics and "Put a little love in your heart" the Al Green's 1988 all-time favorite of many.

The original songs include, Plant Some Trees, More Reality, Real King, Reggae Music Rise Again, We Live Fi See It, One Day Down, Sing a Happy Song, No Body No Business, Rebel, Too Many Broken Homes ,Leave The Crumbs Alone, Its All Good and Jamaica This Is Paradise.

Plant Some Trees and Reggae Music Rise again, made number 1 in USA. Plant Some Trees is currently used as an inspiration for climate change and prevention of deforestation by many organizations including Eco Solutions in Zimbabwe in their Tree planting campaign.

Jamaica This Is Paradise was his 2015 entry in the JCDC festival song competition. This made it to the top 10 in the finals.

This album is another on his own Conscious Production record label, but Mackie teamed up with some of the best producers and hit makers in the music business. They are Barry O'Hare, Hugh Miller (Bunny Don), Othneil Campbell (Taddy P.), Richard Burgess, Byron Murray, Paul Elliott and Peter Waithera (selector King Rebel).