Lesbian Diana King replaces Beenie Man on festival after promoters give in to gay pressure

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beenie-jazz.jpgKing of the Dancehall, Beenie Man has been removed from the line up of the Ragamuffin Festival and replaced with another King -- Diana King -- this after gay activists objected to him appearing.

The concert is slated for February 20 in Auckland, New Zealand. Beenie Man, like many other Jamaican dancehall acts, has been targeted for perceived homophobic lyrics.

He has been replaced by lesbian reggae singer Diana King, the first Jamaican artist to publicly come out as gay.


Already, the response has been critical of the promoters and the homosexual activits who continue to give dancehall acts a big fight because they have been vocal about their feelings about "battyman", as they are called.

"That's really unfortunate and unfair. These homosexuals are destroying the lives of people who do not support their lifestyles. I understand the issue, and it is wrong for any musical artiste to write and sing songs with homophobic lyrics. But it is also wrong for Gays to be targeting those who believe their lifestyle is wrong, and be vocal about it. Beenie man has apologized to the LGBT community, he did this under immense pressure from fans and local culture, begging and telling him not to do such a thing. Now this is how they show their gratitude. This DJ has not song, one Single track containing homophobic lyrics, since his apology to the Gay community worldwide. This is unjust, unfair and a attack on Beenie mans personal freedoms and his right to his livelihood.Beenie has since admitted to the New Zealand press that his homophobic lyrics were wrong and that he is a changed man," one reader posted.