Kartel, Ishawna get busy on Farr Out

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vybz-kartel-photo-25.jpgSingjay Ishawna and jailed dancehall star Vybz Kartel feature on the label's new rhythm, Farr Out.

According to DownSound producer Cordel Skatta Burrell, "We found an opportunity to put some real vibes back into the dancehall with a high energy rhythm that the streets can relate to."

Kartel features on How Mi Grow; Ishwana on Long Fingernail; Chi Ching Ching, Weh Dat Aguh; and veteran DJ artiste Harry Toddler's appears on Use To.

Toddler explained in a press release that "the rhythm a run the road hot."

Burrell added: "The women are really loving the Ishawna's "long fingernail" track, they are identifying with it in a big way and the men also like it . 'Weh Dat Aguh' featuring Chi Ching Ching, who understands the streets, is really working on the ground. Ching gives us what the street wants."

He continued: "Harry Toddler did a great job and has always supported DownSound Records and of course you know Vybz is the master of any rhythm."

A medley video was shot last week.

"The video is fashion driven and you will see Ishwana with a brand new look. The video also highlights some of the real social issues confronting this country like when Kartel says "Poverty is a prison" and more importantly, 'Bun di devil, Jah totally,'" DownSounds CEO, Josef Bogdanovich, said.