Ganja the real ghostbuster: Duppies run from the herb

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luciano-messenjah.jpgWell, so says the Messenjah, Luciano.

Acording to the rggae singer, he bought a supposedly haunted house and prior to him occupying it. all kinds of ghost busters had tried to run away the duppies, to no avail. Hover, once he entered with a big head spliff, all duppies fled.

"I happened to buy a house one time. They said evil spirits or duppy was in the house. Them call all kind of spiritualists, who turn them roll and chant all kind of things, but the duppy never move. You see when I step in and light a big one, the place get calm. Nothing. Then why you think Babylon hate this herb and fight it so hard? Then if it run duppy. It must be the healing of the nation," Luciano said.

All the people involved in the ghost-busting, duppy-running business, please take note. Stock up on the weed when journeying on these assignments and oonu good.