Downsound Records assets seized by the courts...including Ishawna's benz

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ishawna-benz-and-joe.jpgThe Joe Bogdanovich-led Downsound Records (DSR) has released a statement regarding the case between producer Andre 'Rookie' Tyrell, DownSound Records and its music producer Skatta Burrell.

According to the release, "The court ruled that the use of Tyrell's rhythm on Specialist's 2011 song 'Street Hustle' was "a reproduction or adaptation of Rookie's rhythm titled 'Super Star.'

"DSR was absent from several court hearings because the record company was going through several transitions at the time. As a result, assets were seized today.

"It is a legal matter which is currently before the Courts and is being addressed by our attorneys who will comment further at the appropriate time." states DSR CEO Joe Bogdanovich.

Meanwhile, reports are that the Benz which Joe had given to his female star artiste, Ishawna, was among the assets seized by the courts.