Did Laing offer Alkaline $2.5M for Sting? Hell no!

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alkaline-photo-9.jpgSupreme Promotions, promoters of Sting, are stoutly denying reports that they offered dancehall artiste Alkaline $2.5 million to perform on the show in December.

isaiah-laing-polka-dots.jpgIn fact, Isaiah Laing CEO of Supreme Promotions, told Irie FM that "Alkaline a look attention."

After news began to circulate online Wednesday,Laing sought to clear the air, stating that the story is nothing but a rumour.

Laing told a tabloid that he has not been in contact with either Alkaline or any member of his management team.

According to Laing, he had contacted Alkaline two years in a row to perform on Sting and the tatoo-eye deejay never responded. Laing says he is certainly not reaching out to Alkaline a thrd time. However, if Alkaline wants to do Sting, then he knows where to find Laing.

Laing says he has no idea where these stories about Alkaline refusing an offer to perform on Sting 2015 are coming from.

Well, it IS the silly season and Alkaline IS an attention seeker.